This picture was taken on Suck Creek Mnt. 1985..
Me & my best friend Tony on our way to Chattanooga.
I never realized how close in age my Aunt Bit was to me.
Oh, My first baby..
Me & Momma.
Me & my Mother..
She had to be pretty young.
Nancy with the glasses ..
Me, 1967
Brothers-Scotty & Tracy
My Brother Ronnie
Scotty's School Picture
Pine Trees Where I'd hide from Tammy
First Girl To Break My Heart
These are some pictures of us.
In house where Lucy once lived.
My Best Friend
This is a picture of my mother Shirley & my now baby brother Tracy.. 
  I fell in love with Tracy right off the bat.. I always wanted to spend time with him. That I did as much as I was allowed  
Jayna & Macarena in her new clothes. 2008
Me & Little Scotty
My brother, Ronnie Kilgore
Me & Charlotte
My nephew Keyountai in 2006.. Upset because I had to leave and go home. It always breaks my heart.
This young man loves me so much more then my own children.  My girls never once cried because of going home after a weekend with me.  To stay a week was out of the question.  I wanted so bad for then to spend more time with me but they wouldn't never let that happen.
My babies when they were my babies.
It's funny looking back at all my family & friends I had to leave behind just to be who I am  The sad part is that after all these years not much has changed with me on the inside.  My heart is still the same it was before anyone knew anything about me.
It's a sad thing how some are treated after the fact, treated like we've become this horrible human being when all the while I was always this human being.  My insides are still the same.  The only thing that changed was I told the truth about the way I've always been.
Nothing with me has changed.
I have a dear sweet friend I met in mid 90's we became very close along with her daughter.  All those years that passed, she cared about "ME" then out of the blue I tell her who I really am.  She and her daughter accepted faster than any of my own family ever would. Weeks went by and she came up to me and said, "I've never been close to someone like you. I always thought that your kind was child molesters."  That broke my heart but at the same time made me proud.  Proud that I was able to change one persons outlook on all of us.  She told me she doesn't belive that anymore.
It only comes to show that we are programmed in a way that turns us away, against, commented to, or just plain unforgiven for things we do out of character.
Keyountai & his Sisters
Guess who he called
This young man "KEYOUNTAI"  spent the entire summer of 2009 with me and Daryl.  I had the time of my life till time for him to go back home week before school started.  He showed me how deep a child should love you.  I love all three of my kids. I never hear from them.  I have GrandKids I don't even know, and all they have to do is pick up that phone and I'll be there.
  I get junk email sent to me from them when they could say hello and check in on me but it's all different now.
Of course I styled his hair
They've always been the love of my life.
Although things change during your course of life.  Your children always come first.  I've let them go to live their lives. So many things went wrong and it's not up to me to fix it. Still I'm very proud of them but they have to live their lives the way they want.
I believe in time things will change and we will reunite. Until then I'll still love them and I will go on missing them till that day.
It has to be this way for now but not forever.

Jim Kilgore
A short "FUNNY" clip of me & Keyountai.
He spent the entire summer of 2009 with me and Daryl
Me & Keyountai 2006
Me, Keyountai & Jayna 2006